Terms and conditions

Car booking
The required booking fee is 29 EUR/ (100lt) and is later included in the rental bill. The booking fee is non-refundable. It is payable only after reception of confirmation either via e-mail or phone.

Minimal rent period
Minimal car rent period is one day.

Necessary documents
The renter has to have a valid driving license, valid personal identification card or valid passport.

Payment and deposit
The client has to provide his own and valid credit card which will be used for authorisation, i.e. the deposit will be booked on this particular card. The deposit varies from145eur - 580eur,( 500lt - 2000lt), depending on car class. Upon returning the vehicle in the correct condition, as described in the rent agreement, the booked deposit is then returned.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.). Companies can pay with commission. Cash is also accepted. The fees for rental cars are shown incl. VAT. The person indicated as renter is considered to be the main driver and payer. Before collecting the car, a renter pays the rental fee as well as deposit.

General requirements for the drivers Minimal driving experience - at least one year.  Minimal driver's age:
 - 21 years old,

Car delivery and collection
If the client requests, we can deliver the can to any city or town in Lithuania and at the end of the rental period, we can collect the car. This service is charged according to endorsed “Euroauto” fees. Car collection from/delivery to our office in Kunas is free of charge. Collection from/delivery to Vilnius and Kaunas airport is charged 40lt/11.60eur

Car insurance
All cars are insured with KASKO and civil liability insurance for drivers of vehicles. The driver and the passengers are also insured. By purchasing an additional insurance packet, the renter can reduce their liability to a minimum; that is, "0" (additional terms and conditions can be found in the section Full insurance coverage from accidents). The fine for losing car keys or documents is 290eur /1000lt . The car insurance is not valid if the car is used to drive off roads, in sports competitions, to give driving lessons, etc. Renter's liability in case the vehicle is stolen or in case of a car accident The renter's liability in case of an accident or if the vehicle is stolen (insurable occurrence) is 290eur /1000lt   (depending on car class).  If the car is stolen, the renter has to return its keys and documents to the company “Euroauto”.

Full insurance coverage from accidents
The renter can reduce their liability to a minimum (i.e. "0") by choosing Full insurance. This service is available only for drivers with driving experience of at least 5 years. If you are involved in an accident, the full insurance is valid only if you provide accident report form or certificate and if the insurance company considers the accident as insurable occurrence. The full insurance is not valid in case of vandalism and does not cover glass and tyre damage. The full insurance fee is processed by booking spreadsheet (the fee depends on car class and rental period).

Mileage and countries allowed to be accessed
When using a car within the territory of Lithuania - the mileage is not limited. It is allowed to use the rental only within the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). Driving to other Euro Union countries with a rental car is only possible upon a written consent of the lessor. A fine of 580 Eur is applied for willful departure abroad without the lessor’s permission

Substitute car
In case of a car breakdown, a car accident or any other event that makes it impossible to use your current car, “Euroauto” provides the renter with another car, if the renter is not responsible for the situation emerged.

Technical support
There is free technical support service available 24/7.

The cars are rented with full tank of fuel. If the renter returns the car with a fuel tank that is not full, the renter has to pay for the amount of fuel missing and also to pay the fuel filling fee of 11.60 eu.

Full fuel tank service The customer has the option to purchase full tank of fuel. If the customer purchases this service it is no longer required to return the vehicle with full tank of fuel. THE RENTER must return the car orderly and clean.

Returning the vehicle late
The renter is allowed to be late 1 hour to return the car. After this period, the time is counted as one full day.

Force majeur
In case of a force majeur, “Euroauto” remains the right to change a car to another of the same or higher class cars, or cancel the booking (due to a technical failure or a car accident) with a prior notice given to the client.